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Start Clicker Training

This is a fun four week course to get you and your dog set up for success with clicker training. 

  • What is clicker training 

  • Why we use it

  • How to get started 


At the end of this course your dog will listen to you more, pull on leash less and you will know how to train your dog to do what you want. Positively. 


Your dog will learn to:

Go settle on a mat when asked

Ignore distractions and focus on you

Start walking nicely on leash 

And of course how to do some cool tricks to show off to your friends. 


You will learn about clicker training 101 including these training skills: capturing, shaping and luring. 


Spaces are limited as we keep classes sizes small for optimum teaching and learning. You and your dog will get plenty of 1:1 attention.


You will also have access to our support group on Facebook with training videos, conversation and community so we can support you in between classes.


This 4 Week course is run by Samantha Jackson KPA CTP from Howlistic Help and is held in Takapuna on Tuesday evenings at 6pm. Each class is for one hour.


The cost for Start Clicker Training is $210


Next course starts Tuesday November the 2nd @6pm


Booking is essential and full payment will secure your booking due to limited spaces available.


For dogs over 16 weeks of age. Dogs must be fully vaccinated. 

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