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Puppy Training

Set up for a lifetime of success and happiness with your puppy
Image by Andrew Schultz

In-home puppy training

One hour in home family training sessions. 


Set up for a lifetime of success with your new puppy. 


Trainer Only Puppy Visits 

Let the pros train your puppy for you. 

Training visits to break up your puppy's day and continue training and socialisation. 


Online Puppy Training

Set up for success with a new puppy or dog. 

Resolve obedience and behaviour problems no matter where you are.

We will teach you and train your puppy via Zoom consults


Puppy Preschool Takapuna 

This 4 week course is for young puppies under the age of 16 weeks and covers everything you need to get you and your pup on the right track.

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