Next Steps 
Dog Training Class

The next steps after puppy preschool! 

Teach your dog how to behave in public and around distractions. 

This class is for dogs aged 5 - 12 months old 


Perfect for dogs that have completed Puppy Preschool or Puppy Training at Home with Howlistic Help. 

Next course starts Saturday the 4th of June at 9.30am 

Your dog will learn:

Reliable recall around distractions 

Loose leash walking with distractions 

Focus around distractions (like dogs, people and picnics!) 

Leave it (food, rubbish on the ground, people) 

Polite greetings - Sit to say hello instead of jumping up 


You will learn 

How to get the best out of your young dog in difficult situations. 

How to set up for success in distracting environments 

How to make training fun again 

How to use positive reinforcement correctly to train reliable behaviours 


If you want a dog that comes when called, leaves things when asked, walks nicely on leash and is a pleasure to be around with family and friends. This course is for you. 

You will also have access to our Howlistic support group on Facebook with training videos, conversation and community so we can support you in between classes.

This 4 Week course is run by Samantha Jackson KPA CTP from Howlistic Help and is held at an indoor / outdoor location  in Takapuna on Saturday mornings 9.30am

Each class is for one hour.

​Maximum four dogs in each class. 

The cost for Next Steps Dog Training Class (4 Week Course) is $320 


Next course starts Saturday the 4th of June at 9.30am 

Booking is essential and full payment will secure your booking due to limited spaces available. 

Future course start date:  Saturday July the 9th at 9.30am