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Group Classes, Workshops & Events

Puppy Preschool Takapuna

Want to give your puppy the best start in life? 

Then enrol now on to our 4 week Puppy Preschool course 

For puppies under 20 weeks old


Puppy School 

Level 2

For puppies graduated from Puppy Preschool wanting to continue training and playing in a group. 

4 Week course in Takapuna 


Next Steps

Want a dog that comes when called, leaves things when asked and walks nicely on leash?

This 4 week course is held in Takapuna 


For graduates of Puppy School and / or Level 2


Not sure which course is right for you and your dog?

Get in touch. 

Send Samantha a message about your dog and your goals through the contact page.

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