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Chewys Story - my new little sidekick!

Updated: May 29, 2023

I’ve been looking for my perfect little sidekick for sometime

now. My whole life really. I’ve always been obsessed with animals and dogs.

The last couple of years I’ve been seriously on the look out for my furry best friend. I wanted a

small dog, not too tiny but hopefully able to fit in a doggy handbag. I love Chihuahua crosses but what was most important to me was my future sidekicks personality. I wanted a brave, curious, playful puppy that was going to enjoy coming to lots of different places and meeting lots of people and dogs.

I scrolled trad me for years (haha) I'm not joking. Looking at latest listings on “dogs for sale” and “dogs to adopt” I’ve reached out to many foster parents, rescues and breeders. I’ve met a handful of dogs and applied for one in particular. I was sad at the time I didn’t get but also always understanding when its meant to be it will be.

I saw chewy and some of her litter mates on trade me about a month ago. Gorgeous mixture of looks and sizes and personalities. But I was heading on a family holiday so I said to myself “you can’t do anything until your back from holiday. If she is still there when you come back then you can get in touch” so I had a lovely holiday. When I came back I actually met another beautiful doggie that I was seriously interested in adopting . He is such a beautiful boy but after our meeting I decided he wasn’t the doggy for me. He was just a bit bigger than what I was looking for and I didn’t get that heart feeling of “that’s my dog” . He’s such a good boy and is going to make someone very happy.

I saw Chewys ad on trade me. I saw that the listing was closing in thirty minutes so I quickly typed a message to the seller in the little trade message box, you only get 300 characters! I expressed my interest and gave my website details so they could “stalk” me online. And that I’d love to ask more questions and meet the puppy , she was so lovely over email answering my many questions ,

The story: She saw a litter of puppies being advertised for sale saying they were eight weeks. Old and ready to leave mum when in the pictures they were clearly only three to four weeks old. They shouldn’t be separated yet. She went to speak to these people and in the end offered to purchase the whole litter. So she got all five of the puppies and raised them in a happy and healthy home with another dog and cool foster cats. Chewy was the second smallest of the litter. Some of the litter were significantly bigger than others. They are supposedly chihuahua x pug but we wonder if there was a second father involved or what extra genetics they might have. She didn’t get to see the mum and dad unfortunately . All of Chewys litter mates had found their perfect families. , it was just my luck that she was still available when I got back from holiday and things weren’t meant to be with the Cavoodle . We organised to meet “puppy” on Sunday morning, Mothers Day.

A gorgeous older one-eyed Pekingese called "Gong" met us at the front door. He was such a regal and goofy dog I really liked him. We were welcomed inside to the living room and little Chewy came running right up to TJ and I. I sat on the ground and TJ on the couch. We had treats in our pockets but we didn’t give them straight away. Gong had to have some straight away though! His nose wasn’t letting those treats just sit there..

Meeting puppy Chewy my heart immediately exploded with love for this little puppy. Chewy you are perfect . She was so friendly, bold but not crazy. Cuddly and curious. I absolutely love her look and although we have no idea how big she will actually get I reckon she will be perfect for me.

I am so pleased I waited and searched patiently for my perfect little sidekick. I'm obsessed. In love. My heart feels so full.

Samantha Jackson 16/5/23 1.43am

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