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Love Licky Mats are excellent boredom busters for dogs (and cats) that work as natural calming aids. Helping prevent anxiety, stress and problem behaviours. 


Love Licky Mats have suction cups on the back so you can stick them to the wall, floor or side of the shower.


Use any type of mushy or soft food that your pet loves to smear across the Love Licky Mat. You can serve it fresh, or pop it in the freezer to make the game last even longer. Licking the food off the Love Licky Mat is a mentally stimulating, enriching and relaxing exercise for your pet. 


Giving your pet something really tasty to lick off their Love Licky Mat whilst you groom or wash them is a great way to create a positive association. 


Best for puppies and small to medium sized dogs.


Freezer safe.

Love Licky Mats



    Pick up / drop off available in Devonport, Auckland.

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