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Training Walks

Consistent training for your dog

The Training Walk program is for owners wanting their dog to get on-going training on a regular basis. 


A Training Walk is a one hour long, trainer only session. Your dog is taken for 1:1 training with Samantha either from your home or in suitable training locations. 


The Training Walk program is excellent for dogs with behaviour problems out on the walk. Especially effective for training: Loose leash walking, reliable recall, confidence building and general obedience out and about, focus around distractions, reducing fear and anxiety and more. 


Receiving regular training from a professional also helps to speed up the training process, and owners often see faster progress on this program than they would achieve by just working with the dog themselves. 


Our training walk program is our most popular service and many of our clients have been with us for months or even years. 


Dogs love training walks, they continue to thrive learning from a professional dog trainer.

Please be aware places are limited for training walks and require a minimum booking of 10 sessions over 10 weeks. 

Ten One Hour Training Walks Package 

Puppy 8 - 18 weeks old $630  

Puppy 18 - 24 weeks old $700

Dogs 6 months and older $800

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