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Puppy Club

Safe and appropriate  socialisation 

Bring your puppy to Puppy Club for safe socialisation with other pups and people.

One hour long socialisation meet ups supervised by certified dog trainer.

Indoor / outdoor location in Takapuna 

Saturdays @12.30pm from June the 4th 

For puppies under 24 weeks old

$45 per puppy per class 

$160 for four classes (save $20) 

Puppy play dates supervised by a pro dog trainer

While your puppy plays you learn how to understand dog body language, how to know what is appropriate play, when to interrupt and how to empower your puppy through appropriate socialisation and positive reinforcement.

Run by Samantha Jackson KPA-CTP.

This club isn't all about play time and your puppy will also practise calm behaviours around the other dogs. 

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