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Puppy Training at home 

Set up for a lifetime of success and happiness with your new puppy or dog.
Puppy Training at Home 

For puppies up to six months old.

A Howlistic Help trainer comes to your home for one hour in home family training sessions.

In each puppy training session you will learn how to use positive methods to teach your pup to do what you want.


Training with Howlistic Help is easy, empowering and fun for everyone. Set up positive habits at home and help your pup grow up to be a calm and confident canine citizen. 

Puppy School at Home - a 4 week at home course - is the best way to set up for a lifetime of success with your new puppy. 


4 Week Course $430 (save $50) 

$120 single training  session

Pre Adoption Consult

There is so much to learn, ask and set up before you bring your puppy home. Make sure you are set up for success with a one hour long in home or online consult. 


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