Puppy Training Visits

Do you want your puppy to be calm, relaxed and have fun learning essential life skills while you are at work? 

Puppy Training Visits

One hour training visits break up your puppy's day and continue their learning, training and socialisation.


Training visit packages are a fantastic way to accelerate your puppy's training and take some of the pressure off you during the weekdays. 

Samantha will come to your house, toilet, feed, play and train with your puppy. Continuing your puppy's learning, socialisation and development.

Many behavior problems such as barking, chewing and digging are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient enrichment and exercise. 


Prevent separation anxiety, enrich your dogs day, boost training and get peace of mind with training visit packages.

You will receive updates via text after each visit. Photos and videos are posted on Howlistic Help facebook and Instagram so you can stay tuned to all the fun they are having.

5 Session Package


10 Session Package



$65 for one hour training visit

For puppies from 8 weeks. 

Puppies must have all vaccinations +1week for off property sessions