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Pro Puppy Sessions

Let us train your puppy for you
Pro Puppy Sessions

A Howlistic Help trainer will come to your house, toilet, feed, play and train with your puppy.  We train at home and/ or out and about in appropriate training locations. 


Puppies that have regular Pro Puppy Sessions are super puppies! Getting the best start to training and socialisng, with the support of a professional dog trainer, these pups grow up to be very obedient and confident dogs! 

Do you want your puppy to be well trained, obedient, happy and calm, confident dog? 

Pro Puppy Sessions are the answer.

Many behavior problems such as barking, chewing and digging are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient enrichment and exercise. Break up your pups alone time with these enriching sessions. 


Prevent separation anxiety, enrich your dogs day, boost training and get peace of mind with Pro Puppy packages.

You will receive updates via text after each visit. Photos and videos are posted on Howlistic Help facebook and Instagram so you can stay tuned to all the fun they are having.

This service is for puppies under 24 weeks / five months old. 

1 hour option 


2-3 hour / half day option 


10 One Hour Sessions Package

$690  (save $60)  

*Package based on minimum one booking per week

All prices include GST

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