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The Ultimate Treat Pouch is an essential for anyone wanting to train with their puppy or dog.


Large and lightweight. You won't run out of treats!

Ideal for dog trainers and owners, The Ultimate Treat Pouch is easy to get your hand in and out in seconds. 

A zip up pocket for your keys and clicker. 

A poop bag despenper pocket that actually works! Your poop bags won't be falling out. 

A mesh pocket on the front that fits a tennis ball. 

Two strap options: Shoulder or waistbelt 

Also a clip to snap straight onto your belt / jeans / pocket if you prefer. 

Draw string to close.

Colours: Pink, Blue, Black with fluro green linging Grey with  fluro green lining 

13cm X 6cm X 18cm 


Grab your treats, treat pouch and clicker and get ready to train! 



"As a professsional dog trainer, my favourite part is the size of the pouch and the zip up pocket. It's practical and I love the pink colour too!" 




Ultimate Treat Pouch

    • Ultimate treat pouch
    • Lightweight material
    • Large and easy to get your hand in and out quickly 
    • Multiple strap options. Shoulder strap, Waist belt, Belt clip 
    • Two zip up pockets (one for poop bag despenser) 
    • One mesh pocket 
    • Draw string to close 
    • 13cm width X 6cm deep X 18cm tall 
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