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Trainer Only Sessions

Let us train your dog for you

Do you want your dog to be trained and socialised to be the best they can be? 

Do you want a reliable off leash recall? Lovely loose leash walking around distractions? Being able to relax at the cafe with your dog? I'm here to help. 

We will develop a plan and work directly with your dog based on your goals. You’ll get regular updates and support, and tips then when they’re 90% perfect, we’ll do a handover together so you’re confident to continue the training. 


On set days, your puppy or dog will be collected during the day and either be trained from your home or driven to an appropriate training location to work on your specific training goals.


Regular trainer only sessions are not only the most effective way to reach your training goals but also a super enriching way to break up your dogs alone time at home while having positive socialisation and training for their development. 

For dogs over 5 months old. 

Single One Hour Session


Ten One Hour Training Sessions Package 


*Packages based on minimum one booking per week

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